Llano Ascends

Llano Ascends!

Llano — It’s a Community. It’s a River. It’s an Uplift!

Llano EcoWeb is a not-for-profit, community-oriented endeavor of folks coming together to implement ecological initiatives within the Llano Community, along the Llano River and upon the Llano Uplift — and you are welcome to join-in with us.

Want to help but not sure where you’d like to contribute? Take a look at our project objectives. Maybe you have an idea yourself to share?

Not Ready? Have Questions? Contact Us!

Bringing the supposed “least” members of the community (the perceived outcast, lost, broken, sick, addicted, traumatized, marginalized, jailed, disabled, displaced, disenfranchised) into this regenerative work, with true non-judging compassion and an openness to receiving their offered wisdom, is an essential purpose of these projects and critical to realizing the grace of the successful fulfillment of this work.

If you are already working with folks in need of re-integration into community, we’re very open to collaborating with you.

Llano EcoWeb’s mission is to Serve the Community, Steward the River, and Promote the Uplift — not just on the interweb and in the ethers of cyberspace but, more importantly, on the ground and in the currents of the river.